It’s hard to believe that it’s coming with the heat still blazing, but Fall is on it’s way to Dallas! We know you’re all probably ready for college football season, the state fair, and school to start back up again… But is your house ready for the new season? Have no fear! The MAC Home Team is here to give you some easy tips and tricks to prepare your home for fall.


1. Don’t LEAF Your Trees Alone!


Take the time to prune your property for Autumn. Checking for signs of damage to your trees can help prevent from losing limbs during the colder winter months. We know that winters aren’t too devastating here in the great state of Texas, but we need to tend to the trees that we do have!


2. Rake leaves.


We all love the way that the colorful leaves cover the earth during the autumn months, but we don’t want to inhibit future growth by leaving them there. Take the time to rake and bag up those leaves before it goes too far. To make the job easier, choose a lightweight rake and wear protective gloves for your hands to bag leaves quickly. Maybe even save some of the gorgeous colorful leaves to make a DIY Fall Wreath for your front door!


3. Give those gutters a gut check.


Once most of the leaves have fallen, don’t forget to clean out your gutters. If this is something that you might not be comfortable with, then hire someone to help and downspouts. If left uncleaned, your gutters could become clogged, resulting in damage to your pipes.


4. Time for a “Fixer Upper.”


Take a lap around your house and property to look for signs of damage. If you see anything that needs to be fixed, like your foundation or your roof, ensure that it is repaired for winter hits.


5. Say Goodbye to Creepy Crawlers.


During the colder months, all the creepy crawlers are looking for a warm and cozy home… which might be inside your house! Unless you want mice as roommates, it’s time to fill small holes and gaps to keep those critters outside where they belong.


6. Safety First!

  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; replace old batteries if necessary.

  • Ensure that the your fire extinguisher is not expired.

7. Vet those Dryer Vents.


An excess of lint buildup in your dryer vents can cause deficiencies in your dryer – possibly even resulting in a house fire! Cooler weather in the fall can increase static electricity, which can ignite lint that has built up, so now is a key time to get that lint out!


Winter is coming… So it’s time to tackle it before it gets here. If you need any assistance or recommendations for hired help – contact The MAC Home Team. We have been helping homeowners in the North Dallas area for over 21 years!

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